SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

  • Integrated Systems Management - Includes a complete set of tools to help you efficiently set up, configure and manage your IT environment. 
  • Reliablility, Availability & Serviceability - New and improved enterprise-class RAS features in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server help you get the most from your systems and reduce expensive downtime.
  • Cross Platform Virtualization - Use the open source virtualization hypervisors Xen or KVM, included in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, to increase resource utilization and provision services faster. Or use other third party hypervisors, like VMware ESX or Microsoft Hyper-V, since SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is also optimized to work with them. 
  • Interoperability with other patforms - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is designed to work with Windows and other operating platforms, making it the ideal choice for mixed environments.
  • Green IT - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server features innovative power saving and power management capabilities that let you get maximum performance per watt. 
  • Comprehensive Security - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server includes best-in-class application security. When combined with other security best practices, you effectively protect your critical systems and data from external and internal threats.
  • Advanced Networking - Included in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is the latest, optimized open source networking stack and support for today's advanced networking protocols.
  • High Performance Computing - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is synonymous with High Performance Computing. Proven by the majority of the world's top ten supercomputing sites, it's used by leading enterprises for rendering, simulation, and high performance computer clusters.
  • Modular Extensions - Available for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server are optional extensions that deliver advanced capabilities, like high availability clustering, real time computing, and servingrunning .NET applications.
  • and much much more ...