PBS Options and Interfaces

PBS Accounting
The PBS Manufacturing Series software may be integrated with the PBS financial packages. This integration minimizes duplicate data, and maximizes your investment by helping you gain control of your entire business.

One of the most common forms of customization requested is reports. Everyone has a way they wish to see their information and often that's unique to the individual company. ODBC will allow you to have direct, read-only access to your data files from any program with the ability to read ODBC files. What's this mean to you? You can use toolslike Access, Excel, Crystal Reports and any other ODBC compliant application to view the information in your database. Write custom reports, add external applications unique for your company using Access, integrate with your UPS shipping system and much more. The time these drivers can save you makes this a worthwhile addition to any installation.

Lot/Serial Number Control
PBS offers options for assigning and tracking of lot/serial numbers for selected items. A detailed history of transactions is maintained for easy tracking of controlled items.

PBS is now providing EDI solutions for manufacturers. Customer orders can be received, and acknowledged using the EDI interface. This option will drastically increase the efficiency of your order entry process. Other areas of EDI are currently under development.

Bar Code Capability
PBS allows the printing of bar coded documents. Bar code scanning can improve the accuracy and efficiency of transactions reporting.