PBS Professional Time & Billing


Professional Time and Billing (PTB) is designed for professional service firms who bill for services on the basis of time. Track how valuable staff time is spent, monitor client expenses, print invoices and statements, collect receivables and print vital management reports to help better analyze the productivity and profitability of your business.

  • Records for multiple companies and profit centers can be kept and consolidated.
  • Records can be displayed on screen, printed or stored on disk for later printing.
  • Service codes, expense codes, and descriptions can be maintained on file.
  • Billable and non-billable services and expenses can be tracked.
  • Time can be tracked on both dollars and hours.
  • Unlimited number of matters (a case, project or item handled for a client) may be entered for each client. Service and expense billing terms are defined separately allowing flexibil-ity in fee arrangements.
  • Unlimited number of work-in-process and advance billing accounts may be used.
  • Unlimited number of date/time stamped notes can be entered for each client.
  • Time and expense sheets may be entered and posted for each staff member.
  • Up to ten description lines per service or expense item on any time sheet may be entered.
  • Work-in-process for a matter may be viewed on screen by date, or by service and ex-pense code.
  • Work-in-process may be selected for billing by cut-off date, or by service and expense code.
  • Retainers and fixed fee matters may be billed automatically on periodic (recurring) basis.
  • Cash received for retainers or fixed fee matters may be entered during billing.
  • Invoices and cash receipts may be posted to Accounts Receivable.
  • Invoice and statement formats are easily customized.
  • Previously posted invoices may be voided, resulting in work-in-process being reinstated.
  • Invoice history may be viewed or printed. Numerous productivity, profitability and his-tory reports are available - by client, service or staff. Aging reports based on user-defined aging periods may also be printed.
  • Professional Time and Billing requires a System Manager and Accounts Receivable, and may optionally be interfaced with General Ledger and Check Reconciliation.