PBS Point of Sale


Designed to replace stand-alone cash registers or retail software, Point of Sale (POS) gives you real time visibility of your sales and the information required to make smart merchandising decisions. It is a flexible system that also provides the tracking of layaways, orders, quotes and more.

  • Supports cash drawers, invoicing, order processing, receipt printers and more.
  • The complete invoice transaction process (entry, payment, delivery) is handled in a single step.
  • The credit memo transaction type is used to handle inventory returns and other customer credits.
  • In the first step, the order transaction is entered and the ordered items are picked in preparation for delivery. The second step invoices and delivers the ordered items.
  • Quotes can be used to handle simple quoting needs of many businesses and they can also be re-used as a standard quote or standard order.
  • Price lookup window allows selection of item price 1/2/3 or a price previously paid by a customer for a specific item.
  • Users can be restricted from overriding credit limits and prices, entering payouts from the register, accepting check overpayments, and deleting transactions.
  • Specific customers can be restricted to certain payment methods.
  • Allows user to leave register unattended. Re-open with user ID and password. Allows user to open their cash drawer without processing a transaction.
  • Track register payout distributions that are made.
  • Allows the user ID to be changed without leaving the transaction screen.
  • Profit centers can be assigned to the whole transaction or to individual items.
  • Complete support for multiple warehouses. A single order can be filled from multiple warehouses.
  • Items may be drop-shipped directly to a customer.
  • Individual line items can be marked as taxable or non-taxable.
  • Items and services can be discounted by percentage or dollar amount.
  • An entire transaction can be discounted by percentage.
  • Up to 99 lines of item and transaction comments. Up to 99 tenders on each transaction.
  • Record miscellaneous and freight charges for each transaction.
  • Supports Point of Sale "payment" codes (cash, check, credit card) as well as Accounts Receivable "terms" codes for open accounts.
  • Saves check number and check authorization code in history.
  • Changes can be made to transactions or line items at any time up until the invoice is printed.
  • The previous invoice can be easily retrieved for changes or reprinting.
  • Alias file allows alias numbers to be assigned to items and services. Assign quick entry item/service numbers and support product bar codes.
  • Layaway transactions and payments are entered in POS and posted to A/R open items. These are tracked as a new ā€œLā€ type AR transaction.
  • Cancelled/forfeited layaway transactions may be retrieved from layaway history file and reinstated.
  • POS payment on account transaction to apply payments to an open item file transaction.
  • Ability to mask a credit card number during receipt and invoice printing.
  • Define printers for registers for each form that is to be printed from a register.
  • Access to Windows Print Manager for instant and batch printing of POS forms. PDF printing of forms for invoices, receipts, payments and quotes.
  • Requires Passport Business Solutions Accounts Receivable and Inventory Control.