PBS Purchase Order


Helps you order goods and services from vendors.

  • Allows entering, editing, printing, and posting new purchase orders and changes to pur-chase order.
  • Allows numeric or alphanumeric purchase order numbers up to 15 characters in length.
  • Prints Expedite Shipment Reports, Follow-Up Past Due Shipments Reports, and Excess of Quantity Ordered Reports.
  • Allows entering, editing, and posting receivings.
  • Informs you of incomplete shipments, both on the screen and on reports.
  • Handles multiple drop purchase orders if you receive goods at more than one location.
  • Handles blanket purchase orders and releases from them.
  • Allows up to 999 lines per purchase order.
  • Allows up to 200 characters of description for any line item.
  • Allows up to 99 notes per purchase order line.
  • Handles order quantities up to 10,000,000 or down to 0.00001.
  • Allows different units to be used for stocking, ordering, and receiving.
  • For any line item, allows up to four separate deliveries to the same or different locations.
  • Allows for receiving of goods on a line-by-line basis or for the entire purchase order at once or goods not previously entered on a purchase order.
  • Keeps track of prices that were unknown at the time goods were received.
  • Prints a Purchasing Advice Report and Purchasing Worksheet to help you identify what should be purchased.
  • Requires Passport Business Solutions Accounts Payable and optionally interfaces with Inventory Control and Job Cost.