PBS Order Entry / Billing




Order Entry processes customer orders quickly and accurately. Includes inventory verification when entering orders, immediate customer information, and discount levels calculated. Tracks and processes serial numbers, lot control and multi-warehouse, multi-stocking unit features. (Click on image to enlarge)



  • Supports multiple companies, multiple profit centers, and multiple warehouses. 
  • Allows order (and credit memo) entry and editing, with an order edit list.
  • Provides for entry of quotations and RMAs (Return Merchandise Authorization), with simple conversion to orders or credit memos.
  • Unlimited notes may be stored with orders. They are not printed on invoices and may be used internally to assist in processing orders. Line item notes can also be entered and will print on invoices.
  • Orders may be invoiced when entered (one-step billing) or held as open orders for later billing (two-step billing).
  • Automatically adjusts inventory (in Inventory Control) because of orders and billings.
  • Provides ability to sell and return items in alternate units.
  • Supports special pricing structures in Inventory Control, including alternate, sale, contract, and multi-warehouse prices.
  • Allows entry of serial-numbered and lot-controlled items.
  • Add new customers during order entry with automatic assignment of customer numbers.
  • Invoices may be user-defined. Additional user-defined forms may be printed.
  • Prints invoices for all orders billed. Invoices may be selectively reprinted.
  • Picking tickets may be printed for open orders.
  • Automatically feeds billing information to Accounts Receivable.
  • Includes back order processing, with reports and ability to automatically fill back orders when items become available.
  • Recurring orders may be entered and activated at any time. They may also be used as blanket orders. Automatic selection of recurring orders is provided.
  • Profit centers for line items may be assigned either from the order header, line item, or I/C item record.
  • User-defined shipping and COD labels may be printed. Both individual order and group printing modes are provided.
  • User-configurable defaults allow skipping virtually any data field, for high-speed entry of orders.
  • Day of the following month (proximo) terms are supported.
  • Supports EDI Import, Export and Status Report options.
  • Generate serial numbers as part of the order entry/pick process.
  • Print multiple jobs including multiple form types within one invoice print run.
  • Export data to either a CSV (comma separate value) file or fixed length text file. May be interfaced directly to Passport Business Solutions Sales Analysis and to General Ledger through Accounts Receivable and Inventory Control.
  • Requires Passport Business Solutions Inventory Control and Accounts Receivable in order to run.