PBS Job Cost


Job Cost provides the tools you need to track costs, income, and profits related to specific jobs and sub-jobs. Reports that tabulate and examine costs, compare actual with budgeted or estimated costs, and track job billings and payments are available.

  • New or in-progress jobs can be easily entered and edited.
  • Labor costs, material costs, subcontract costs, profit, and up to five user-defined cost types are tracked for management.
  • Cost categories are user-defined.
  • Budgets for all detailed costs can be entered. Jobs cannot be activated unless estimates are equal to the job price.
  • Budgets are tracked against actual costs incurred.
  • Completion estimates can be entered for individual parts of jobs. A fast enter function is available which generates completion estimate entries for all cost items for a job, as well as an entry for the entire job.
  • Detailed on-line inquiry is provided.
  • Completed jobs can be saved for viewing or later restored to an active status.
  • Information for a new job can be quickly created by copying all or part of another job.
  • Numerous reports such as Job Status Report, Job Performance Report, Job Profitability Report, and Cost Category Analysis are available.
  • Job Cost can be used independently or interfaced with Passport Business Solutions Ac-counts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Order Entry, General Ledger, Payroll, Inventory Control, and Purchase Order.