PBS Inventory






Track inventory to maintain optimum levels. Generate complete information on inventory valuation, quantities on hand and committed, and the flow of items sold. (Click on image to enlarge)



  • Supports multiple costing methods - average, standard, LIFO, and FIFO, as well as serial (real costs) for serialized items using average cost.
  • Provides for multiple warehouses.
  • Permits use of multiple balance sheet inventory accounts.
  • Maintain item data and print item lists, price codes and commission codes.
  • Supports alternate selling units.
  • Provides special pricing by category, sub-category, and location, supports sale and contract pricing, and generates group price changes.
  • Enter, change, delete and post inventory transactions and print an edit list and a transac-tion journal for receivings, sales, credit memos, transfers and adjustments.
  • Track inventory by unique serial number or lot number.
  • Inquire into all currently available and previously sold serial numbers and show oldest unsold serial number.
  • Inquire into lot numbered inventory, including transaction history processed for lot#.
  • Print lot numbers report by item, vendor, and customer; and purge lot number informa-tion.
  • High-speed entry of physical inventory counts and automatic generation of inventory adjustments.
  • Supports input from hand-held terminals for receivings and physical counts.
  • If on-hand quantities of component-items are not to be reduced, you may enter receiving transactions, using Inventory, to establish on-hand quantities for kit-items.
  • If on-hand quantities of component-items are to be reduced, use work orders to enter and issue immediate work orders for assembly of the kit-items.
  • Item label/barcode generator provided for the setup and printing of item labels/bar codes.
  • Maintain inventory status and print status reports.
  • Print serial loan report, flooring report, and serialized item report by item, vendor, and customer.
  • Print Price List, Inventory Valuation Report, Purchasing Advice Report, Inventory Usage Report, Physical Count, Worksheet, ABC Analysis Report, and Inventory Analysis Report.
  • Provides kit and work order reports, including Where Used Report, Kit Price/Cost Report, and Incomplete Work Orders.
  • May be used either independently or integrated with General Ledger, Order Entry, Ac-counts Receivable, Sales, Analysis, Purchase Order, Point of Sale, and/or Job Cost.