PBS General Ledger






Categorizes and summarizes accounting data. Provides comprehensive information for financial analy-sis and control. Custom-designed financial statements show profit or loss, assets, liabilities, and equity. (Click on image to enlarge)

  • User-defined accounting ratios can be set up and calculated on financial statements. These can be standard accounting ratios or customized to meet specific business needs.
  • Flexible copying of chart of accounts between companies is provided.
  • The Valid G/L Accounts File can be automatically reinitialized prior to copying the Chart of Accounts File to the Valid G/L Account File (and vice versa).
  • Unlimited date and time stamped notes can be attached to chart of account records.
  • Echoing of the source, reference and document number of the previous entry can be controlled (e.g. the user can specify for each field whether it is to be redisplayed).
  • Up to ten lines of notes can be entered for a general journal entry, and printed on the register.
  • Recurring general ledger transactions are included, allowing for allocations to accounts on a dollar or percentage basis.
  • Layouts can be copied from other companies.
  • The date, time and/or report number may optionally be printed on financial statements.
  • Multiple separate ratios can be printed on financial statements.
  • Financial statements can be printed for a set of sub-accounts.
  • Users may bury the rounding error at any specified point to round financial statements.
  • Account ranges are allowed in financial statement layouts.
  • Literals and text for financial statements can be automatically centered.
  • Financial statement layout verification is provided so that the accounts on a layout are correct for the type of layout; ensuring that all accounts in the chart of accounts that should appear on the balance sheet or cost and loss layouts do actually appear on these layouts.
  • Handles up to thirteen accounting periods.
  • Supports multiple companies and multiple cost centers.
  • Produces an overall set of financial statements from a consolidation of multiple companies.
  • Provides maintenance and a listing of the Chart of Accounts File.
  •  Allows general journal as well as standard journal entering, editing, and posting, with edit list and journal.
  • Recurring general journal entries allow for automatic distribution by percentage or allocation.
  • Allows on-line G/L account detail inquiry.
  • Prints the Source Cross Reference (for audit trails).
  • Prints the financial statements in flexible formats which you design.
  •  Financial statements can be printed for a set of cost centers.
  • Wild-carding and account ranges are allowed in financial statement layouts.
  • Key accounting ratios can be calculated. User-defined accounting ratios can also be set up.
  • Keep entry detail for the year if disk space is available.
  • Flexible year-end closing procedure.
  • Contains a loan amortization program, which gives you information about fixed rate loans.
  • When selecting to print a financial report all accounts related to selection (e.g. cost and loss and/or balance sheet) will be printed.
  • Prints the Working Trial Balance and Trial Balance Reports.
  • May be used either independently or interfaced to the Passport Business Solutions Accounts Re-ceivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Check Reconciliation, Inventory Control, and/or Job Cost.