PBS Check Reconciliation






Maintain checkbook, track deposits, and reconcile checking accounts. Get instant access to account information and eliminate manual reconciliation procedures. (Click on image to enlarge)

  • Maintains checkbooks for money deposited and disbursed in Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Payroll.
  • Automatically gets deposits and checks from Passport Business Solutions’ Accounts Re-ceivable, Accounts Payable, and Payroll packages. 
  • Handles an unlimited number of checking accounts. 
  • Provides the ability to enter, change, delete, or print a list of checkbook entries. 
  • For each checking account, offers optional bank-to-book or book-to-bank reconciliation. 
  • Close checkbook selection is provided to remove an obsolete checkbook from the system. 
  • Minimizes the amount of information which must be kept on disk, by allowing compression of entries that have been cleared.
  • Includes online help, available to you at any time by pressing a single key.
  • Handles stop payment checks and checks that are voided after they have been transferred to the checkbook.
  • Provides safeguards against getting your information out of balance or getting tangled up during the reconciliation process.
  • Has a start-up procedure that lets you set up the balances in your checkbook quickly and easily, whether or not you are using any other Passport Business Solutions packages.
  • Includes Checkbook Report, Reconciliation Report, and Account Activity Report.
  • Reconciles checkbooks periodically with bank statements.
  • Can be integrated with any or all of Passport Business Solutions Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Payroll packages. Information from these pack-ages can be automatically transferred into the Check Reconciliation package.
  • The package can also be used as a standalone product.