PBS Accounts Receivable






Track money owed by customers. Identify delinquent bills and improve cash flow. Create quotes, stan-dard bills, and detailed invoices with unlimited notes to communicate products delivered and services rendered in detail. (Click on image to enlarge)



  • Handles item customers, as well as balance forward customers. 
  • Maintenance of the sales representatives, customer files, tax codes, and other similar items.  
  • Invoices and miscellaneous charges entered, edited and posted using edit list and journal.  
  • Recurring bills entered, edited and selected to later turn into invoices.  
  • Quick pasting of standard bills (lists of standard services and/or goods) into invoices.   
  • Cash receipts entered, edited and posted with edit list and journal.   
  • Account aging and payment terms based on days or day of the next month (proximo).   
  • On-line customer account inquiry. 
  • Automatic calculation and posting of finance charges, with edit list and journal. 
  • Unlimited number of A/R accounts and cash accounts. 
  • Commissions due calculation by either booked invoices or fully paid invoices. Commission percentage based on either customer or sales data. 
  • Deposit preparation. 
  • Deposit slips and deposit summary printing. 
  • A Miscellaneous Charges Edit List which helps in the editing process available upon request. 
  • User designed invoice formats. Up to 99 formats may be used. 
  • Provides Invoice history. 
  • Cash receipts created simultaneously with invoices. 
  • Customer credit checking on invoices. 
  • Displays up to 10 description lines per services line item, plus an unlimited notes display for invoices for internal use. 
  • Three optional user defined fields that also print on invoices. 
  • Item drop shipping directly from supplier to customer. 
  • Additional information maintained for each customer record including current balance, past due amount, first sale date, last invoice number, and last returned check amount and date. 
  • User defined statement formats. Up to 99 statement formats may be created and stored. 
  • Activity trend history for each customer for up to thirteen prior periods, including average days to pay, highest balance, total charges, and total payments received. 
  • Calculate sales taxes using the tax-on-tax method, including Canadian GST and PST. 
  • Sales tax processing, up to five tax rates per jurisdiction. 
  • Automatic check handling for checks returned such as nonsufficient funds (NSF). 
  • Batch processing for cash receipts, finance charges, invoices, miscellaneous charges, recurring bills and returned checks. Has a credit-hold flag for individual customers with overdue accounts. 
  • Includes shipping zone, sales territory and Standard Industry Code (SIC) features, which supports third party products, and freight calculations.