About Us


Tech ManMicrostructure Inc. was created in July of 1985. The company was started to support and service small companies who could not afford full time on-site Information Technology (IT) employees. Microstructure became and is today an outsource for IT services for many small to medium businesses in Western Canada, primarily in Manitoba.

The primary reason for our continued success is the quality of products that we have provided our customers . At the heart of these products is the UNIX operating system. From its early variant as Xenix, UNIX has allowed us to connect a variety of business activities into a central networked server environment. Downtime is exceptionally minimal with these systems. Regular preventative maintenance accounts for most of this time. From day one, we have been able to deliver to our customers, a dynamic and reliable computing environment. This has allowed the employees of our customers to simultaneously maintain the information required to complete their jobs, on a single reliable Intel-based server. With UNIX, we have been able to connect any number of terminals, PCs and printers into a cohesive working system. No one has ever had to stand over these systems to make sure they continue to function. This very feature has allowed Microstructure to expand while providing the necessary support when required.

Book ManAlong with the UNIX Operating System, we have installed and supplied the REALWORLD CLASSIC Accounting System on many sites. This product is a multi-company, multi-module and multi-functional software system that runs in a standalone single-user environment or a full blown dynamic multi-user environment Due to its mature functional design and character-based user interface, RealWorld brought the best accounting features to the business world. Passport Software developed a version of RealWorld which they now distribute as Passport Software (PBS). The software has evolved to run on all Windows platforms as well as UNIX/Linux systems. The software has recently been released with a new GUi (Graphical User Interface) which runs in all the same environments. As well, PBS has added a complete manufacturing system to their product line which interfaces with their standard accounting system.

Today with the ever changing world of technology, we have stayed abreast of current developments. Once again, we have stayed on track with the UNIX world which has evolved into the Linux world (an open source version of UNIX). With the Internet becoming the vehicle of choice for business, UNIX/Linux once again is the perfect platform. Unix created the Internet and UNIX runs the Internet.

With many technologies a thing of the past, development is focused on creating software to run all application software on or thorough  an internet browser. This makes the back end servers more invisible.

Microstructure has put more of a focus on network services such as network design, cabling, router programing and Internet access services such as ADSL using VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to make the Internet a safe place to conduct business.

Working ManIn all, we are focused on bringing our customers to the global network, to conduct business on a reliable and safe platform as we have done consistently from our beginnings.