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Our Latest Additions - Introducing ServicePoint and FOCUS software products from RTM Computer Solutions These are integrated modules to our Passport Software accounting modules. These products are targeted at the service, support and repair business.

    Service Point - is the premier service management software that takes full advantage of
                                Microsoft SQL technology to bring you a reliable, robust service software
                                management system.

                FOCUS - is equal in features to Service Point as a premier service management
                                software product while running on UNIX/Linux and Windows platforms.


Welcome to our new web site!  We are now entering our 26th year in business. Over this time, we have envolved and changed with technology. But, in the process of changing, we have come full circle. Microstructure started marketing RealWorld Accounting Systems supported by the Xenix (UNIX) Operating System. RealWorld has evolved into Passport Software, Inc. and Xenix has evolved into Linux.

NovellNow, we are marketing Novell SUSE Linux and Passport PBS Software. These are the same basic systems that have evolved to meet current day abilities.

PassportPassport PBS Software has added a complete Manufacturing software section as well as a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to broaden their opportunities in the marketplace. There is a need for good software in Linux marketplace. We are going back to our roots.

InformixWe continue to develop new software using IBM's Informix Database products. Our Informix databases are typically designed to interface directly with our existing Realworld users and will be upgraded to work with our customer systems that upgrade to Passport PBS Systems.

We also continue to develop our Medical Imaging Information System using Informix. This system is a complete office management system for imaging facilities managing medical images such as X-Ray, Ultra-Sound, CD and MRI scans. We are planning to release this product later this year. This product also interfaces with our accounting systems.